SCE Féis: Junior High School Working Group

In Urawa, on the 29th of January SCE hosted an event for Japanese educators working in junior high schools.  The aim of the event was to form a working group to plan communicative lessons for junior high school classes; in anticipation of the 2012 New Course of Study.  Several SCE members were involved:

John Finucane (SCE, JALT), Michelle Martinie (SCE) and Brad Semans (SCE, JALT) and Matthew Shannon (SCE, JALT)


The New Course of Study is part of the Ministry of Education’s (MEXT) revised curriculum for 2013.  The goal of these changes is to improve the content and delivery of English education in Japan.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (文部科学省 Monbu-kagakushō), also known as MEXT or Monkashō, is one of the ministries of the Japanese government.  The Ministry sets standards for the Romanization of Japanese.  Kunrei-shiki romanization is widely taught in Japanese primary schools, so it has been called the Monbushō system after the predecessor of MEXT.  MEXT regulates almost every aspect of the education process.

The Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching (AJET) is a group set up by and administered by participants in the JET program.  The primary purpose of AJET is to facilitate a successful working relationship between JET Programme sponsors and participants.

The Japan Association of Language Teaching (JALT) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the improvement of language teaching and learning both within Japan and internationally.  JALT has nearly 3,000 members, with 35 chapters and 26 special interest groups.  Omiya JALT is a JALT Chapter.